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Legend: addition change fix removal
June 2015
  • Added this changelog page!
  • New 0.3.7 civilian skins added!
  • Driver license warnings and drug addiction now wipe on namechanging
  • Changed 'Prison Guard' to 'Correctional Officer' in "Players Online"
  • Max. name length when namechanging changed to 23
  • Changed DOC logo & abbrevation in their private section
  • Typos throughout the page fixed
  • DMV Lookup failing on non-standard name capitalization (DiCaprio etc)
  • DMV Lookup adapted to the new vehicle system
  • Fines lookup paging & template errors fixed
  • Wrong amount of max. online players in "Players Online"
  • Fixed some skins that were in wrong categories
April 2014
  • Minor Edits to UCP Application
March 2014
  • Skin #93 unlocked for civilians
January 2014
  • New spawn change page implemented
  • New skin change page implemented
  • Application system re-done
  • Major account / security update

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