As many of you are already aware, the next big revision aimed for the server will be focused heavily on the current jobs of LS:RP. My work so far on the system has been to adjust the current jobs, remove some, add new jobs, and last but not least transform most of the jobs into careers.

What I mean by careers is having a job set in place where a person can advance after so many paydays to a higher level job inside of the career. As they progress they will have the options of more duties, better paycheck possibilities, control over certain others, and or more access to items/features.

You get the idea. Most people have criticized the hours needed to get promoted idea but I can assure you it's a fine idea. People that don't do anything while set to a job will not be paid anything and in result just won't get paid anything.

Checking System:
I was thinking it'd be better that certain jobs/most payments hand out checks to people to cash at banks in order to get their money. [Idea]It will also come with a taxing system for jobs, so people will have a choice to pay their taxes or not each paycheck. Not paying would bring their credit rate down. Eventually if they ever choose to pay their taxes they'd have to pay it all at once. Once paid their credit rate would stabilize back to 0.

I haven't decided what to do with a high credit rate(which would be a good thing). But it's always good to have something like that there just in case I ever think of something neat to do with taxes.

So summarized up, paydays for jobs will be out the door. Paychecks for work done will be the new way of being paid for their efforts.

What made me want to update the job/career system is when I noticed there weren't that many jobs in LS:RP and the ones that were available were mostly illegal. So mostly if new players wanted to make any type of money they would have to become some type of entrepreneur, scam, join a faction, or take up an illegal life style.

There's just generally no type of job for a person to take on this server. So in order to add on to the sheer ambiance, comradery, and productivity to LS:RP I decided it would be best to just revamp the current job system in LS:RP. It's also a perfect time since savings were edited and there has been quite an increase in more and more things to buy.

So far I got a few careers made, which will be updated on every other day! So keep your eyes on this site. Also if you want to suggest anything for the career/checking system then now is the time to post here!