I know you've all been waiting for months but the drug system has really knocked me off my feet. I along with a majority of the server want it to be absolutely perfect. It's been suffering for so long now and we finally want to get it right. So it's honestly been months of not only scripting, re-scripting, planning, and ideas.

I am proud to announce the drug system is infact moving into testing phase and once it is done it will be placed on the server hand in hand with the massive optimization fix for the lag(Credits to Kyeman for the new revision & Incognito and JerneJL for their plugins).

This summer was quite messy with the lag and there's not really enough apologizing to make up for it so I'm going to show it in these next revisions. I'm going to stick to my goal of something new for the server every month because you people truly deserve it. The dedication and thoughtfulness does my heart good and is a constant reminder of how amazing this community can be.

After the drug update I will instantly begin work on house robberies which shouldn't take long at all and we'll be back to the old routine of more script updates than rule updates.

For now you can keep up with the updates on the current drug updates here - http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=188589#p2353762
Also don't forget to apply for a News member position here on ls-rp. If you are interested and feel fit for the position then follow this link. I will be accepting and denying people this week.