Hello, LS:RP! It warms and saddens me at the same time to see that fall has come and summer is packing it's bag. When seasons change, so does obligations for many people. You can see the toll it takes on the factions, staff, and server in general. Never fret though, LS:RP has a small place in everyone's heart and like the sharp edge of Scorpion's stinger- it always draws people back.

As long as you embrace and stay true to that special part it has in your heart the light can never blow out. In the wake of season transitioning once again comes many new strategies and surprising events to tackle it with. This time around it's: a new sa-mp soon, new testers( :) ), news team organization finally, finalization of the drug revision, and a few more things up my sleeves.

LS:RP is quite important to me and you can guarantee your bottom dollar I along with many many others will always be working day and or night to make sure the world of LS:RP continues to rotate smoothly day by day. You can do your part by simply continue to enjoy LS:RP for what it is- a game. You're meant to enjoy the place from hour 1 to your last hour in-game for the day, or signing up for many staff groups we provide. So don't spend it worrying or killing yourself, leave that to the staff!

On to the drug revision, yes! We are finally in the last moments of bug testing on the system. All I'm doing now is adding in side features, fixing bugs, and yea like stated earlier wrapping up the drug script. The revamped drug script is at 5.4k lines, and is designed to be easily optimized and updated much easier. Lots of thought and care went into each line and function so hopefully the outcome is well worth it. So keep your eyes out for that and the side features you'll notice when it's out.

Next on the list- new testers! Thanks to the 100+ people that signed up, once again if you didn't make it there's always next time. Never give up on something you really want people, no one can ever stop you from getting towards anywhere on LS:RP when you truly deserve it. For the reserved people that didn't get tester, feel free to message me on IRC and we can talk about why or what can be helpful towards getting it.

So Congrats- the list is subject to change at any moment.
Jimmy_Kane - Sara. - Raul™ - Xhiroz
Bizzie - Rayoo - Spikey
Riley - Barrett
( Nexus, Pete, Chrishan, Reshay )

Congratulations and welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Especially Bizzie. I want to use this time to go on about my little buddy for a while. He has been applying for tester for yeaaars now and not only got reserved this year but tester as well. You're a true inspiration for all of us Bizzie! Anyways guys and gals you'll get your PMs later on today! Try not to get too drunk in celebration.

Thanks and that's all. PS- Surprise for October!