First and foremost, happy Friday everyone. I have quite a few announcements this time around to hopefully enhance everyone's weekend even further. New revision, new staff, news team, loss of staff, new structure- yes a lot has happened this past week and it feels great to finally get it all out. Let's start it off with the new revision, the big thing nearly everyone has been waiting for.

First let me say that the staff team has shown extreme support throughout the development of this revision- through ideas, testing, and general reviews. We've cleared out most of the bug tracker and we've put a lot of care into this revision that it comes out near perfect. I also need to apologize, this revision should of been out months ago but with the revamping of an entire system..yea ETA can sort of flow away from me at moments. So thank you to the tester team for the amazing support and admins Collins and Aero in particular for getting their hands more than dirty in helping out. Also congratulations to Kuer on his new developer position. The UCP is back in action so expect to see new updates now and then here on as well.

Anyways, back to the revision. A main post everyone should read is this. It explains the hunger system that will effect everyone on the server. It's a simple read and to sum it up right here- it will be a requirement to /eat every 10-15 IG hours or so. If not you will begin to enter the health deterioration phase every 1 minute. Vending machines will not lower your hunger, so don't let the machines fool you. It's also good to see the type of drugs added thus far and what exactly they can do for and or to you.

So if you're roleplaying a drug addict, a drug dealer, a drug smuggler, and or anything in the drug nature then I really hope you enjoy the new system. It was designed to impress you all equally. Special thanks to The Wilcox Drug Organization- Sforza, Cahneggs, Or-L, Giulio_Scipione, and Kaikoa in particular for their amazing feedback and ideas for the drug system. Also for bringing so much life to the drug system in general on LS-RP, if you're interested in either roleplaying with an highly experienced drug organization or joining one then I highly suggest DWA.

Moving along, we've replaced the object streamer as stated before. It is remarkably faster than the custom streamer we were using on LS:RP for a while. To give you an idea of how much work the streamer does and how much fast this new system is- LS:RP has around 2k or so objects in total and it's ever growing. Looping through 500 players with the old streamer took around 1,300~ milliseconds with the old streamer which is practically a 1 second lag-spike, with the new one it took a whole 7 milliseconds. Move should of been done a long time ago and once again we have Incognito to thank for yet another amazing plugin.

Another new plugin we're using is done by JernejL, replacing many of the math functions we have ingame, helping to increase the speed and efficiency in many of our functions. So those are the major things knocked out the way for this revision, the rest is listed in the changelog below(read down). With the help of these plugins we hopefully might of given a heavy blow to the lag issues lately.

Next on the list of discussion is the news team. Phill and I have finally gotten around to picking and setting up the news members with their duties. It's obviously going to be a rough start but eventually we're going to have nice news posts pumping out on this website more often, so stay tuned for that. The wonderful boys and girls have interesting ideas, so it's going to be fascinating to see what they're planning to write for all of us.

Last thing I want to get off my chest is the recent staff issues you've all witnessed from the outside looking in. Due to differences in the team we have lost one of LS:RP's founders- amef. Here at LS:RP we recognize that without his vision and interventions throughout the history of LS:RP that it would probably not be where it is today so for that we thank you for and wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do in life. Luckily for the community this server is forever progressing so we're hitting the ground running with a whole new structure to make up for the lost manager.

There is no longer a HoA or HoT, there is only an HoS- which is me. So if you have a report on a staff member then shoot it towards my message box. Property management is currently under the hands of Shaney, but as time go on he will be joined with the rest of the level 4 admins in managing the properties and a HoP will be chosen once everything is settled with fresh new ideas to satisfy the community with.

In the process we've also lost a few admins who felt they could not contribute any longer but luckily for us we have some new admins to announce and some returning admins ready to get their hands dirty once more.

Dec Watson - Hurricane
Adio - Captain Phill - Stewie

Welcome (back) to the team fellas, you will be receiving your personal messages momentarily with setup information.

Changelog[Will Be Uploaded Soon]:
    -Drug revamp[Read feature doc. for more]
    -Hunger system.
    -New object streamer.
    -New custom interiors.(-Burger)
    -Law enforcement defense vehicle improvements.
    -Business XM radios are now buyable through /bizupgrade for any biz- saves.
    -Mass bug fixing, check bug reports section here.
    -Mass optimizations around the script
    -Rocket launcher has been removed from the weapon system.
    -MP5 and Silenced Pistol removed from legal gunshops.
    -MP5 base price raised, tec-9 and uzi base prices lowered.
    -Only police officers can /auth to channels 900-911 and 990-999.
    -Chop Shops are now fixed and ready to be ordered and used once more.
    -/givejob has been removed.
    -/dealerjob /supplierjob /drugjob /jackerjob at black-markets to get illegal jobs.
    -Fines updated, it will drive your bank account into debt. The bank will collect money back through paydays and paychecks.
    -Vehicles Stallion, Windsor, Flash, Torndao, Skimmer, Pony added to /v buy list. You need a flying license for a Skimmer.
    -Various command updates to make things easier.
    -/riot added for LSPD.
    -/box removed.
    -/kickoffradio added for owners of channels to kick off people.
    -/setstation upgraded + New stations.
-Bug reports go here.
-Illegal jobs have been wiped for people.

As I said earlier expect to see more as time goes on. It's just plain healthier for the server when there's more server updates than there are rule updates. Something I'm going to constantly repeat in my head. After this major revision we'll be moving back towards general updates every week. Enjoy the weekend!