President Jim Hoover announced on Friday that there would be a new chief justice position by the end of the week and today the announcement was made. Justice Doug Washington was appointed, directing away accusations of the judge being racist.

Washington's portfolio includes civil litigation, criminal justice and corporate law. Previously, he was a District Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, having an almost perfect score of about eight hundred cases throughout three years. After his departure from the District Attorney position, he cooperated with a few lawyers into opening a law firm which was named Washington Law Firm. The firm dealt with civil litigation, contract law, labour law and International law. Upon the selection of Washington as a Justice, the firm got disbanded into small law firms.
Doug Washington holds a Doctorate in Law and a Degree in Political Science.

The public is expecting a fully working and returnal of the so-expected Criminal Court by the end of his first few months. There have been rumours that Washington was going to announce the opening within the following days, but it's all left to be revealed. Another link has been made with Washington supervising and revising the BAR examination, which could lead to a full wipe of all current lawyers. How will the public react to that, it's all left to be seen.

Washington has also been committed to administrative improvement of the Court, as he has supervised the improvement of civil law procedures, by reducing the duration. In an interview held earlier today, Washington stressed his independence and promised to see a justice regime that would be fair to everyone.

It's all left to see if Washington can fulfill the public's expectations, by fulfilling his duties and keeping his promises.

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