Reg's Truckers Association is an organisation that helps all truckers in and around Los Santos to unite and stand together. Everyone can become a trucker as long as he has some sort of experience in that domain. There are some steps that must be followed in order to be able to join the association, you have to be polite first of all with everyone on the radio frequency because the association is created for helping and not for fighting. Truckers can share information about roads, weather, traffic and so on.

Public radio channel frequency: 19991 - For people who are On-Duty.
Frequency for senior truckers: 19992 - The frequency is currently encrypted.
Off-Duty frequency: 19993 - For people who are Off-Duty.

The association is completely legal and is currently in good relations with the San Andreas Sheriff Department, cooperating when needed. They only have small charges on their records such parking tickets, speeding tickets and so on. They were not convicted to serious crimes such as murders, kidnappings and they are not dangerous.

For more information about the association and joining it you can call 111-555 or write an e-mail: [email protected]
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