In an attempt to track the crime in Los Santos and determine averages, the Los Santos Police Department Street Crimes Unit, a sub-division of the Criminal Intelligence Division, has been keeping logs of the items seized from prisoners at the time of their arrest.

The numbers and items seized was startling to many. Almost immediately, one can see what the "hot items" in Los Santos are.

The Street Crimes Unit is still actively keeping logs of the items seized and is also starting to expand the logging of seized goods throughout the entire department.

With the exception of some of the items, primarily weapons packages and components, the items logged were destroyed immediately. These items have been seized and logged between July 20 and September 26, 2011.


    -(3) SPistol
    -(33) DEagle
    -(8) Knife
    -(8) Colt
    -(5) MP5
    -(2) Shotgun
    -(5) AK-47
    -(1) TEC-9
    -(1) Katana
    -(1) Nightstick

    -(176) Cocaine
    -(245) Marijuana
    -(36) Ecstacy
    -(35) Methamphetamine
    -(4) Morphine
    -(12) Heroin
    -(1) Z
    -(39) "Scooby Snacks"
    -(20) Demerol

Weapons Components/Packages
    -(7) DEagle Packages
    -(12) M4 Packages
    -(1) Katana Package
    -(2) Shovel Package
    -(1) Shotgun Package
    -(1) TEC-9 Package
    -(2) UZI Package