Revision 666 and no- no pun intended! I'm sure you've all been wondering what's been going on with the sever lately, with the rehashes, the restarts, the revision number changing randomly throughout the week, ETC! There's a reason behind all the madness and I thank you all for remaining sane and rational throughout it.

Over the past few weeks, I've began work on the database loading and saving area of the LS:RP script. It plays a gigantic part in keeping LS:RP in motion and when optimizing it's always best to tackle the huge things first and then dig out the small issues- my philosophy at least.

I basically moved over hundreds-thousands of lines towards the up-to-date way of handling it all. It took a while but it was worth it and I am far from done. There's still a lot more things to cover around the script and everyday I'm finding out what's the issue and how to optimize it.

It's only fair to inform you all that I will be optimizing things around the script a little more often than usual so with the help of developer applications I was graced with four eager game-mode-developers to help out. On top of those four, Kuer was able to find 2 eager body web guys to help him out in control panel and other related areas.

All these guys are being settled in right now and they're full of ideas. In a few weeks we'll be a well oiled machine and the suggestions forum will return in full force with speedy and different types of responses(stay tuned!).

So congrats to:
3rd Party Developers:
Celesto - Injection - Srdjan

3rd Party Web Developers:
Brucceleri - Franjdea

(Dev applications are still open for now.)
Welcome to the family boys! And to everyone else be sure to keep your eyes on for more news! We have a lot of things planned, and it's good for general information!