In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26th November, two opposing groups of local residents became involved in a heated stand-off opposite the Ten Green Bottles public house in Ganton. Police became aware of the disturbance and arrived on scene in force. Efforts were focused on a peaceful disbanding of the groups as Police Officers tried to reason with the ring-leaders of these groups, though these attempts were unsuccessful.

After a strategic review of the situation, the decision was taken by Duty Supervisory staff to mobilize the department's water cannon vehicle. The vehicle was sent to Ten Green Bottles, where the groups immediately dispersed on its arrival. The cannon was not fired. One of the groups returned to the Blue City bar in Ganton, where two Officers tried to make peaceful contact with the group. The officers were met with resistance and death-threats, before a state-wide emergency call was issued by the officers, whose lives were thought to be threatened.

Within minutes, more than fifteen Law Enforcement Officers from both the LSPD and the Sheriff's Department had assembled outside the bar to greet the departing gang-affiliates. These individuals immediately took off running but were intercepted by the perimeter of Officers and Deputies, joined also by the Water Cannon that was still in the vicinity.

In less than ten minutes, 12 of the men from inside the bar were in custody and being held at Ganton Precinct which had been established as a temporary commander center. All twelve of the suspects were convicted with charges of Loitering, Disturbing the Peace and Riotous Activities for their actions earlier in the night. The road infront of Ten Green Bottles was closed for around twenty minutes while the scene was dealt with.

Despite attempts for a peaceful resolution, these individuals took it into their own hands to threaten the Police and were subsequently sentenced to three years each - time which they are currently serving at Los Santos Prison.

Written by Sergeant Charles Castellanos