Changes within the rules were following;

- ROBBERY - Maximum amount of money to rob was reduced from five thousand dollars ($5000) to five hundred dollars ($500). Every other previous rule which involved robbery is still valid and must be followed.

- LOANING - If you will loan out money to a certain individual, then it's completely done on your own risk. This will not fall under the robbing nor scamming rules and you won't be refunded if you get scammed. If you feel that the other party who you're going to loan the money out to is going to break any rules or regulations, you can always request administrator intervention during the exchange. As the amount of advertisements regarding this matter has risen, obvious 'loan-scamming advertisements' will be punished accordingly.

- SCAMMING - Scamming limitation is still kept as fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), although you can now only scam players who are level ten or above. There are some special cases, where you're able to scam up to five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), although you need administrator permission beforehand. In order to perform a high scale scam and receive administrator conformation for it, you need an original and detailed idea, otherwise it simply won't be approved.

All these changes that were stated out above are currently valid and must be followed at all times.