Los Santos City Hall, Pershing Square. Los Santos, SA 65002.
Thursday 29th November 2011

Hello Citizens,

    I said from the beginning that the moment I got into office I would get straight to work doing the best I could for Los Santos, and I am remaining true to my word. Throughout today, alongside the public appearances made, and the events held, I have been exchanging e-mails and calls with both the National Community Restoration Foundation (NCRF) and Jovic Construction Co. and have exciting news.

    The Verona Mall is a huge opportunity for the City of Los Santos, and something of an underused feature. I e-mailed the NCRF early this morning enquiring about how to obtain a grant and by lunch time had been contacted by their bursary department. After several hours of negotiation with Jovic Construction Co., planning has already begun to completely refurbish the huge shopping complex.

    The refurbishment is expected to bring lots of new business to Los Santos, and expand on the opportunities already existing. The creation of jobs should be another off-shot of this project.

    Construction at the mall is due to start this Friday (December 2nd) and is projected to be complete in time for Christmas! This marks the beginning of a chain of exciting changes for Los Santos and a step in the direction of rebuilding the real Los Santos Community spirit.

    Disruptions should be few and far between as no traffic obstructions should occur due to construction. The Verona Mall will be entirely closed for the duration of the construction period, however. More information will be provided on the progress of the project in the near future.

Kind Regards,
Mr Michael Kingsland
Mayor, City of Los Santos

*Sneak Peak of What's To Come*

Huge thanks to Burger for the wonderful map. More information will be released on the mall as time goes on. Thanks to Placid94 once again for another wonderful video.