...Which only means we have things underneath our sleeves to reveal all you wonderful boys, girls, and Potatoheads! Not going to reveal too much, just the obvious. First the mall, which will be part of many new features this month. Once again, I'm not going to reveal too much but I'm working all day and night to get it all out to you this or the following week. I can't get you all iPads for Christmas, but I can promise you a joyous holiday in Los Santos.

Second, we're on Twitter now! It's going to take some time to get used to but we're steadily getting better at Tweeting, bear with us. Tweets will generally consist of sneak-peaks, general ideas of what's going on now and then behind the scenes of LS-RP, and a few other upcoming ideas.

This news post is only just a peak at all the excitement coming for LS-RP. So keep your eyes on ls-rp.com and follow us today @FoCoLSRP !

Last but not least congratulations to the new admins of LS-RP. As promised a week or so back we've increased our staff to make your time here more comfortable. These 6 are eager and ready to do just that:
Burger - Pitchounette - Placid94
Chrishan - Vercetti - Phoenix

Congrats boys and girl! And to the people wondering- we will be having a tester drive this January so get your applications plump and ready!