After a few weeks of scripting, mapping, and extensive testing we're proud to introduce the Los Santos Mall as the brand new edition to Los Santos RolePlay! It will come equip with a new parking lot mapped in right behind it, which is equally as fancy and marvelous. If you haven't been keeping up with the mall at all then you should give it a read through here.

You can now customize your character as much as possible with the new hats, phones, tools, glasses, etc etc at your finger tips. The mall also comes equip with interiors for general interaction and other types of human interaction. It's also just a nice humble place to relax.

The mall is FAR from done at the moment. There's more to come such as - handing your clothing items over to others, mall security and features, more ways to adjust your clothing items, and so much more.

The revision also comes with side edits and a special new feature from our very own 3rd party developer- Injection. Spikestrips! A feature documentation will be made for it eventually but it falls under /roadblock and it's user friendly.

That isn't all neither, this is just Gift #1! There's way more gifts to show off this week on Los Santos Roleplay. So remember to follow along with and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP

Christmas stations added to XM list.