Gift #2 will be a double whammy!

First and foremost I am happy to unveil the latest design to the Los Santos city. With the amazing effort of Burger and the help of everyone in the topic here we've decorated a good chunk of Los Santos! We still got an internal client limit to abide by so don't worry we didn't go insane on Los Santos and turn it into Lag Santos.

Please be sure to contribute to the decorations in the global topic on the main forums if you have a house and or a business. Burger and or another mapper will come by and approve them if they fit the standards and rules, once that is done it will be pushed towards the server.

Be sure to go around taking holiday screenshots and post them here. We're interested to see the type of clothing your characters has now and general screenshots of holiday roleplay/atmospheres.

The second part of Gift #2 is Side Job implementations! Take this as a hint towards Gift #3 and more jobs to come for the server- and no they are not checkpoint or script jobs. One of the first jobs that will make it's appearance as a Side Job will be the Taxi job(NOT IN YET, WILL BE IN SOON), meaning you can finally be a taxi driver and something else at the same time.

More info on the new jobs to come will be release later on today with information on Gift #3! Until then remember to follow along with and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP