Fighting Styles and a deeper look into side-jobs! First fighting styles - Fighting styles, finally thought up something for them without making an RPG environment. Like the driving instructor system people will sign up for the job on the forum. There will be 2 sidejobs- one specifically designed for each fighting style( KungFu & Boxing Instructor )

In order to get the side-job you need to head to the In Character -> Side Jobs forum and you can sign up there. The person will have to explain just exactly what they're roleplaying- gym owner, kung fu sensai, boxing teacher, etc etc. Once they get the job they can do whatever approved type of roleplay with the person they're training and /givefstyle [playerid/playername] and the fighting style will save on the person bada bing bada boom.

With it being a side-job they'll be able to stay in the original factions or hold on to their original jobs.
People will also have the chance to buy fighting-style-changes. They will work like namechanges/numberchanges, people can buy an amount and can change their fighting style on the control panel.

Currently working with Kuer in setting this all up at the moment so you can expect to see it ingame in a few days! Gift #4 is right around the corner so remember to follow along with and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP

Be sure to read more about side-jobs at the newly-created Job Applications forum.

Edit: 3.5

You are now able to use the Name_McName feature when creating an account or changing your name! You can now use the buy a fighting-style-change feature on the UCP. Enjoy, donators!