Good morning LS-RP!

As SA-MP is getting closer to a final release, we've been lucky enough to be allowed to host a public beta of our script on their Release Candidate! The LS-RP team have been working almost non-stop the last couple of days to get ourselves ready for this beta, and after several test runs yesterday, we're finally ready.

We are glad to announce the start of LS-RP's public SA-MP 0.3 Beta!

During the test, the 0.2 server will not be running. Even if this is a public beta, all rules are still in effect. You will get jailed, kicked and banned for breaking rules, and we expect you to role play at all times, like you would in SA-MP 0.2. This also means that your stats will save.

You are allowed to buy yourself a house or apartment in this beta, just be sure to go straight back to role playing when that's done. When the beta ends, you will temporary loose this house, but we can assure you that your house will be there when the final version of SA-MP 0.3 gets released!

If you're going to buy multiple houses please be aware the price of the house will be multiplied times how many houses you own times 10.
So if I own 2 houses and want to buy another it will be = 2 * 10 * HouseValue.
And you only get the house market value back when selling to market.

Be aware that the server might be restarted several times during the test, and you might encounter bugs.
We have set up a subforum for bug-reports [link], so please don't use the bug tracker!

The beta will end Monday, 00:01 server time!

Download sa-mp-0.3-RC7-2_beta.exe