Airport Career Day
The Los Santos Police Department's Open Day
Written by Zachary Wilson

On the 19th May 2012, a free open day will be hosted at the Los Santos Airport, by the Los Santos Police Department. The main idea behind this is for you, the public, to come along, and see how we conduct our daily duties. The airport gates will be open for people to stroll in, or even drive in, as there will be enough space for all the parking needed. Within the airport itself, there will be a number of checkpoints. Although you're able to arrive at whichever checkpoint you wish, we urge you to follow the route of checkpoint by checkpoint, to get the best possible experience out of this once in a life time offer. Are you interested? Then, read on.

As you can see below, there is a map. This map shows the different number of checkpoints. However, as you're unable to see which checkpoint is which, please read the below points.

    Checkpoint 1 - This is the entrance. There will be a number of Officers stationed here, as well as a K9 unit.
    Checkpoint 2 - This is where you are able to park your vehicles.
    Checkpoint 3 - This is the Air Support Division. We are looking to set up helicopter rides around the city.
    Checkpoint 4 - This will be a question and answer station, directed towards Chief Michael Houston, if he's available.
    Checkpoint 5 - Here will be a food and drink station, where you can buy refreshments.
    Checkpoint 6 - Special Weapons and Tactics will be based here, otherwise known as SWAT. There'll be a demonstration.
    Checkpoint 7 - This is for The Office of Criminal Intelligence. There'll be a spokesman and possibly a mock crime scene.
    Checkpoint 8 - The Traffic Division will be here. You can interact with the Officers and they may do demonstrations.


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 19th May 2012. See you soon!