Rockshore Construction 'Green' House
Written by Elora G. Hartley

Release 93

On scene detectives extracting one of the plants

01. June, 2012: Earlier today a patrol unit had spotted an unusual plant formation right under a construction site of Rockshore, Las Venturas.

The deputy immediately went in for inspecting it, and being a detective it was not hard to distinguish that this was no ordinary plant. After heavy surveillance around the area, it was decided to move in and extract the plant; "marijuana" commonly known to laymen as "weed".

Units were called in to seal off the perimeter while the Investigations Unit arrived to begin the required analysis before finally extracting it and sending it back to the labs at the HQ for a more detail profile.

There were a total of ten such plants found at the site which are capable of producing approximately fifty grams of final products or "weed". The plants have been taken into the Investigation Unit labs for further investigation and profiling.

The Investigations Unit has reasonable leads to continue the investigation, however nothing is being disclosed until further notice.

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