As promised last news post the furniture system is now here. You may have noticed we're kind of a few weeks, a month, off schedule for our release but we're finally here as usual. I'd also like to take this time to apologize for the long wait and uncomfortable experiences on the server recently.

I want to remind you all that LS-RP had to switch hosts due to the attacks and a few ticks and kicks comes with moving. Once again I thank everyone for holding strong throughout the issues and continue to stay rest-assured that we, the staff team, will always be on top of all the troubles until they're resolved.

On to the revision, if you've been keeping up with Feature Documentation, Twitter, and News Posts your wait is now over. The work that went into this system was mostly toward the User Friendliness side of it. And that was through detail, organization, and general variety.

From the dozens of re-pricing, to the constant re-namings, paired with the many other re-evaluations of both the visuals and the script- the furniture system should be exactly what everyone needs to make your home a home. Details about the furniture system can be found in its Feature Documentation.

For now this revision is just the furniture system. Over the next few weeks the following features and bug edits will follow. For now enjoy the system and remember the system is still new and that work will most likely be needed towards it as time goes on. Be sure to report the bugs in the bug report section.

Happy Decorating!
Various Edit:
-Clothing item prices dropped fully.
-/setstyle 4 to toggle your custom fighting style.