Hi y'all, haven't really used this news post thingy yet, but lets see if you can read this eventually.

So, what I'm here to announce is something that very many in the DoC faction - and hopefully the criminal part of this server has been waiting for - a revised version of the prison.

This prison has a few key features to improve the overall RP behind bars, first of which is the correctional staff's ability to move inmates to departments and blocks that are locked off or separateed by the general population - both by IC and OOC means.

This means that the prison guards can moderate the prison more efficiently - both IC'ly and OOC'ly, which would gain everybody who RP's there. The guards have new, refined abilities to ensure the safety of their personel and facility, aid to a better overall environment with more yard time due to it's simplicity in ordering and monitoring.


(Thanks to Morin for making the video, I really have no clue how you do that.)

- 3 Departments (A, B and C)
- 2 blocks in each department.
- Department C has its own yard, for inmates on restrictions (isolation, OOC unfit etc.)
- A and B are the normal serving inmates, share a huge yard
- Guard towers
- Prison lockdowns with alarms
- Huge facility
- Separate departments
- Colored cell tag above each inmates head to show department and block affiliation
- Rubberbullet weapons
- Tazers
- Watertanks
- Huge yard
- Prison phones outside and inside
- Moveable cell doors
- Actual GTA sounds on the prison alarm

When? Soon enough.

Hope you all will enjoy the new prison, SA-CF (San Andreas Correctional Facility)