It's that equally creepy and thrilling month of the year again- October! And for 3 years so far LS-RP has never slept on a Halloween week. Which is why we're happy to announce, for a 4th year straight, LS-RP will be hosting a carnival this time in East Beach. So keep your eyes pealed ingame for construction work.

More news about the events/features to come with it will be announced on opening carnival day.

To give you a general update on what's happening under the hood of LS-RP all I can really say is optimization. After the furniture system, which I'm exited that people are happy over, it was time for the script gets the cleaning and updating we've all been neglecting and putting off.

There's not too much to disclose publicly about what has been done or will be done, but I can assure you that gradually over time your LS-RP experience will be a much smoother one. For now just enjoy the current features, and remember a version 2 of the furniture system is still underway for this year.