It is the last week of October and with that comes October 31 whiiich is Halloween! To celebrate it we will be hosting a Halloween carnival at the Stadium area. This is just the first day, so expect tiny features here and there being added to the place as time goes on. For now the carnival will bring much need excitement.

- Update to /clothing. /clothing edit, you will be able to change the index slot and or bones of the clothing items you buy. For instance you can wear multiple hats, place a briefcase in either hands, etc etc.
-Halloween /buy area for clothing. These items will only be available for a few days and won't be until next year, so get them while they're here.
-Go Kart/Quad Area.
-Pirate ship rides, administrated by the event team ICly.
-So much more!

See you all ingame. Officially starts October 28 2012 - 23:00.
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