After a long and challenging daunting campaign run the country has finally made up their mind and decided which of the two candidates it wants to lead throughout the next 4 years. President Obama and Governor Romney have valiantly put up a worthy campaign and we thank them for their dedication towards their dreams of making the country, and in return Los Santos, a better place.

But there can only be one president and Los Santos has done their part in electing President Barack Obama for 4 more years. President Obama is aware of his major support in San Andreas, especially Los Santos; and will be planning a visit for the city on November 8th. He will be visiting key figures in the city, visiting communities, and possibly holding speeches( no promises yet ).

In terms of voting, Los Santos has seen one of its largest voter turn-outs in years, in the matter of one whole day! So not only have we helped out in electing a new president but we have broken our own little record in the process. Congratulations citizens!

308 - 158

President Obama has expressed deep disappointment in the lack of safety nets for the Los Santos citizens. Pres. Obama has pledged that those days will be over if you elect him.
• A person on welfare will receive $900 every payday.

• A person will only receive welfare if they have $250,000 or less in money, properties, and vehicles.

• A checkup at City Hall is required every 12 player paydays to see if you're still eligible for welfare.

Health Care:
President Obama lets the name "ObamaCare" speak for itself as he continues his fight for an ethical health care system
• President Obama whole heartedly disagrees with Governor Romney stance on private institutions handling legal drug sales. The president calls the move reckless and dangerous.
• Hospitals will handle the sales of of certain legal drugs- aspirin and demerol. You can only get the rest of the legal drugs through a doctor. [Note: Prices will be high, cheaper if you just use a doctor]

President Obama, along with plans of dismantling the Bush tax cuts believes in a system where everyone does their fair share.
• Return of property taxes. 0.0001*House MarketPrice. If your house market is $1,000,000 or higher 0.0005*House MarketPrice.

• Business taxes. 0.0001*Business MarketPrice. If it is a club 0.0002*Business MarketPrice. If it is a Casino 0.0005*Business MarketPrice

• Savings limit dropped from $20,000,000 limit to $10,000,000.

• An extra tax of %5 of the interest of people with $25,000,000 or higher in the bank.
- Interest of $25,000,000 = $5,000.
- %5 of the interest = $250

President Obama has promised to work closely with the Governor of San Andreas, the future mayors, and even Governor Romney in making both the country and this city a better place to be apart of. We're proud that you all got involved and took this matter seriously but we're not done yet. Mayor elections are right around the corner and they too may affect the way you live day by day in Los Santos.