Academy 25's Graduation Ceremony & Party
Written by Aria Roberts

Release 120

Nov. 10, 2012: The 25th recruitment academy of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department is nearing it's closure, leaving approximately 49 recruits anxious as they await for their results to be published later this weekend. All citizens of San Andreas are invited to the graduation ceremony and party which will take place this Sunday the eleventh.

For those interested in attending the graduation ceremony and party, details and GPS location of the event along with the venue and time will be available at at the end of this message.
For security reasons, all attendees must submit themselves to a search. Employees of other government agencies wishing to attend should not be present on duty or in uniform.

Employees of the Sheriff's Department are asked to check the departmental notice board for information and instructions regarding the ceremony.

GPS Image (click to enlarge):
Green Box: Parking lot in north San Fierro.

Civilians that read the above and would like to attend, please arrive to the parking lot at 10:15 pm ((9:15 pm GMT+1)).
At 10:30 pm ((9:30pm GMT+1)), the graduation ceremony will commence and no more civilians are taken.

The graduation party details will be announced at the ceremony, after it has been conducted.

NOTE: * - Subject to change, keep yourself updated with this web post. (( Given time is in GMT +2, GMT+1 times are added in double brackets! ))

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