Mayor Elections Voting Opens


Yet another month of political rallying, drama and scandal is about to draw to a close as the polling booths open once again. This time citizens are voting for who they want to represent Los Santos as the Mayor and thus head of Local Government.

The following candidates are confirmed to be in the vote: Richard Tomson, Earl DeRozan, Brad Hoover and Allegra Nixon. Each has approached these elections very differently from each other and previous years, making the results unusually difficult to predict.

The previous Government under Mayor Ian Lowe lasted for approximately one month before disintegrating just as previous administrations have. This has drawn criticism to the system that is in place and leaves the position once again crying out for attention. Who will be the next individual to take the reigns? You will decide!

Polling booths are open at the LSPD, SASD and SAN and will remain so until midnight on Sunday. There will be just one round this quarter given that in previous years many people have neglected to vote in the second round. By the early hours of Monday morning, Los Santos will once again have a new Mayor.