Just when you thought 464, the citizens of Los Santos showed up and manage to make history not once but twice in just a matter of a few days. If you have been following the mayoral elections we've had four amazing players pitch their names into the hat of leading Los Santos from the mayor seat.

It's not an easy seat to get adjusted to but it's well worth it when you try and appreciation is high for anyone with enough pride to give it a go. To whoever tries out and or wins the mayoral race we give you our thanks and best of luck with your future terms.

But back on to the subject of records being broken. First the out-turn was massive, 491 citizens of Los Santos came out to cast their vote for who they want as mayor. The second record broken is the fact we had an actual TIE this time around between the leading candidates. An actual tie!

99 - 170 - 170 - 56
Richard Tomson - Allegra Nixon - Earl DeRozan - Brad Hoover

Every vote counts.

Once again, congratulations guys and gals! In response to the tie we will be having a round 2 in this mayoral election between Allegra and Earl. Voting will begin on November 23rd, in the meantime you can catch the candidates ingame during their debates and continuous campaigning.

Good luck deciding!