Connecticut Vigil

by Astrid Spencer


On the 14th of December at Sandy Brook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, 26 people including 20 young children were brutally murdered at gunpoint. The entire nation continues to be shocked and devastated by this horrific act of violence.

In commemoration of those lost in this tragic turn of events, Mayor Nixon held a vigil at Jefferson Church and called upon the citizens of Los Santos to join her in honouring the victims and their families.

A teary eyed Mayor took to the altar and proceeded with her speech.

"Words cannot express my grief. To think that such chaos and carnage could ensue in an otherwise quiet part of America is truly chilling. To think that yesterday, 20 parents kissed their children on the forehead, gave them their packed lunch, wished them a good day... And then never seen them again... It is horrifying. No amount of words or thoughts can even bring us close to what those parents must be going through at this moment."

Mayor Nixon then called for citizens to take a few minutes to think about those who were having to deal with the aftermath of this terrible affair, and Los Santos fell silent. Across the City, in workplaces, on streets, in cars and in homes, everything stopped for just a few moments.

"I ask but one thing of you, Los Santos. I ask that you think. Think of those children who won't be getting their presents from Santa Claus this year. Think of how their homes will feel empty and lonely this Christmas. And remember, that life here, though it may not be perfect... Is not so bad after all."


The ceremony concluded with no major incidents. Mayor Nixon would like to take the time to sincerely thank the SD for handling security, LSFM for handling the ambience (despite the technical glitches), SAN for the coverage, and every single person who took time out of their busy day to pay their respects. She is truly thankful.