LSFD Firehouse Opening

The Los Santos Fire Department are please to announce the opening of their new Firehouse after over twenty years(( 2 years)) wait for the building to be approved and built. The building work finally ended on Christmas Day with the building doors being opened for the firefighters to begin to move into. Ever since the Los Santos Fire Department was founded the firefighters have had to work within the Hospital itself and the Crisis Center and now will be able to conduct all their work within the proximity of the new Firehouse.

The official opening of the Firehouse will be tomorrow with the current Mayor Allegra Nixon and Deputy Mayor Gerard Maurer being present to open the doors to the public and the LSFD. Full details can be found below:

Date: Thursday 27th December 2012
Time: 21:00 ((9pm GMT+2/server time))
Location: LSFD Firehouse (Behind ASGH)
Access: Civilians are advised to park at the parking lot located at the Mall and use the walkway bridge over to the firehouse.

We thank the government on approving this project and the construction workers ((Damian and the mapping team)) and hope to be able to see the firehouse be a successfully addition into the Los Santos Fire Department. Full details in-regards to the firehouse can be seen on the LSFD Press Release board.

Article Written By: Commissioner Jenny Russ.