Hello Los Santos! Thank Each And EEEVERY one of you for sticking around with us this entire year and a double thankyou to the people that are joining us in diving into 2013, which I promise you- it will be a great year for LS-RP. Don't worry, just read the entire news post and you will get a good scoop of a few things we got planned for the new year.

Staff Side
It is important that I announce this today so that everyone is on the same page heading into this post. After 4 years of being a HoT and a solid year and a half of HoS I regret to inform you all that I am passing on the position for someone else to take head of. Meaning this will be my last tester drive and staff announcement on the front page.

I've had the pleasure to read over a thousand tester applications over the years, watch hundreds of people walk in and out the staff team, and have learned a lot about myself in the process. If you've ever had any doubts about being a staff team member, I assure you that working for LS-RP is truly a fulfilling experience. Please give it a try!

Collins has stepped up and from this point on will be LS-RP's official Head of Staff, posts about the new direction will happen over time. For now we thank the current team for all their hard work and care and congratulate the new and returning members to the team. And remember if you weren't chosen for reserved or tester this time I promise you there will always be a chance next time. Never give up.

Starting off, admins:

Ingame Leads->

Level 3->
Stewie - Vercetti - [Arafel]

Level 2->
Alor - Outerspace - JayJay

New Admins->
Castelli - Reshay - Popoy09 - gus - Birdman!
Marcus. - Nathan - Brady Russ - Freddieâ„¢ - Fontaine

Xgin - Crazy Nate - Slicktip - Essence - Racho - Cormac
Marshall - drayzyo - Lonex - Paddy - Jenny
Devlin - Lucas - Salem
[Alligator, Soldato, Thuggy, Doom Boy, ogsherm, Lockhart]

(list not yet final)

Congratulations boys, girls, and Bradys. And welcome back to the older staff members, the server has missed you all for sure. You will be set up later on today.

Script Side
As I told you before, the script re-write officially begins this year. I will have more time now to dedicate it towards rejuvenating the script towards a more user-friendly state. You will be invited along the journey of refreshing the script through the news posts, twitter, and even IRC!

So if you're interested in being part of a change just wait by www.ls-rp.com, head to our official twitter, or join us on IRC! I can tell you right now officially the first thing on our list is cleaning out that dirty old bug report section. You've all done a fantastic job in reporting bugs and I promise you they will be cleaned up as this year progresses.

Once that is out of the way we will be picking apart the major systems to re-write first: Faction System, Vehicle System, Business System, House System, Phone System; are the top ones to re-write at the moment. And trust me we have a lot of plans dedicated towards each and every one of them. They will be announced on a later date, though.

And yes yes, your hundreds of suggestions will ALL be taken into consideration during the re-write and the features to come over the next few months. I have not forgotten to read any of them. Promise!

General Side
We will be having the LS-RP statistics this month. Can you believe it's been over 2 years(3 years now) since we have last had the statistics!? A lot of you have been asking and your wish will be my command come the next few weeks so keep a look out for that. In the meanwhile we'll be thinking of the categories to add the next one. If you have any category suggestions please say so in the comment box below!

Around February we will be announcing the categories for LS-RP's 2012 Best Of! Voting for those will start around march. If you have any suggestions for the categories, once again say so in the comment box below!

2013 will be a great year for us, I promise you that. The ideas and the adrenaline is pumping and we're going to try and execute all of the ideas the best we can. From all of us at LS-RP- Thanks for playing and HAPPY NEW YEAR!