Civilian Councillor Elections

by Michael Rosewood


The Civilian Councillor elections are about to open the next weekend - February the ninth. The Civilian Councillor is elected to represent interests of the public in the council along with representatives from other government agencies and the Mayor herself.

"Sadly this process has took longer than expected," comments Mayor Allegra Nixon, "however I am glad to see it finally coming to fruition. We're finally in a proper democracy in Los Santos where the people can choose who they wish to represent them at a legislature level."

This session, we have two candidates who are going to fight for citizens' votes - Susan Martinez and Richard Tomson, who's already known in the political side of Los Santos. Before you choose whom to vote for, we prepared a brief recapitulation of what do both candidates offer us.

Richard Tomson is a fifty nine years old man with a graduation from University in the topics of law and politics. As for prior occupations - Tomson used to serve in the force as a Police Officer within Los Santos Police Department. After retiring from force, Tomson ran and was eventually elected for Councillor of Los Santos, successfully keeping his title for four months. After his session has ended, he founded the White's Corporation. On top of all that, Tomson attempted to run for a Mayor in October elections, but unfortunately was unable to amass the necessary votes.

Susan Emily Martinez is twenty two years old woman who's been working in the Department of Corrections - twice. After her first resignation for personal reasons, Martinez moved out of the city. Though, after a couple of months later, she returned and applied for the department yet again. After serving for a short while again and reaching a fairly senior rank, she was unfortunately discharged for reasons which are currently unpublished. Since then she has decided to apply for the Civilian Councillor position.

We believe both candidates should have an equal chance during upcoming elections - both have the rest of this week to promote themselves to the public and amass votes. They are free to hold Q+A sessions but are not cleared to have a manifesto; as they are representing the public and not necessarily their own ideas.

The voting opens February the ninth - we wish both candidates the best of luck!