Below is a compilation of videos made in the name of LS:RP. Enjoy!

The infamous Southside Locotes 13 has taken a major toll on Los Santos, nevertheless has made their mark on the city itself! Many citizens have llusive hopes in this ruthless street gang eventually dying down, but instead they have multiplied in membership along with gang activity. Locotes criminal enterprise continues to thrive.

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Enjoyed the flashy lights and decorations last Christmas? This video is a quick overview of the beautiful decorations from the memorable 2012 winter. Multiple properties were decorated, along with a staggering fireworks show down at Pershing Square as an entrance into the new year. Pardon the delay Los Santos!

Ever had illusive hopes in creating a money-making business but can't afford to go beyond your financial boundaries? Lion's Lair gives you the opportunity to do so! Investments range anywhere from $50,000 - $20,000,000 according to your proposal. If you're application is processed you will be starring in the new Los Santos television show Lion's Lair, granting you the opportunity to present your million dollar idea to the Lions. Don't hesitate to submit an application. Click here for more information!