Hello, players! As I've been stressing time and time again, 2013 will be a year of change for LS-RP. Through script, through adjustments of leadership, through the forums, and yes even the rules. The goal of all of this is for a more ease in playing LS-RP and gaining a better understanding ground with the players- new and old.

Yes, the gigantic book of rules has been addressed. Our goal with the rules has always been for a guideline line in what's right and wrong without infringing too much on the roleplay atmosphere. We kind of lost our way when we got to the point where we had over 55+ rules, each trying what is wrong, what is also wrong, what is also wrong.

All in all just limiting the creativity and flow of roleplay throughout the server. So we're going to lift the bureaucratic feel from the current rules and move them towards a more understandable/stream-lined set of rules. Hopefully it cuts down on confusion which leads to a more stress-free feeling!

Our very own IG Lead, Dec Watson, accepted the duty of leading the rules revamping. After months and months of work and team-work with the staff we have devised a congested set of rules. Which you can read here. We welcome you all to contribute in providing feedback in the topics setup.