Deputies and Officers Memorial
Written by Bradley Snow
Edited by Peyton Callahan


Release 138:

February 14th, 2013: On Sunday February the 17th, at 10PM, the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department, the Los Santos Police Department and Mayor Allegra Nixon, will be holding a city wide memorial event for the fallen peace officers that have served and died in the line of duty.

Friends and family of the fallen police officers, along with citizens, are invited to take time out of their day to stop and watch as the convoy rolls through the popular parts of Los Santos in memory of our city's lost deputies and officers. The ceremony will have these events in order:

  • A parade of patrol cars and mounted officers through inner Los Santos, finishing off at the cemetery in Temple.
  • A meet and greet between members of the City Council and High Commissioned officers within the Police Department and Sheriff's Department.
  • A short march with the honorable 21-gun salute, fired by a number of selected officers and deputies.
    The engraving of the fallen deputies and officers on a memorial plaque.
  • A reception that will be hosted afterwards, as well as an additional meet and greet with the many peace officers of San Andreas, provided by Frankie's Commerce restaurant.

Notice: The roads of Los Santos will be closed accordingly during the convoy. The Los Santos Government welcomes all citizens of San Andreas to come and observe the ceremony. Providing consolation for your fellow brothers and sisters is important in our society and we solemnly await your attendance. If you cannot attend please keep our deputies and officers in mind during the day of the ceremony.

The image below is the route that the parade will be taking before arriving at the cemetery (click to enlarge):
Blue line: The SASD parade that will start from the Dillimore HQ, till LSPD HQ.
Red line: The SASD, LSPD and Gov parade that will continue from LSPD HQ and end at the cemetery.

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