Sheriff's Department to Host Community Forum
Written by Aubrey Savage


Release 146

March 29, 2013: As a service of the people, it is a necessity for a law enforcement agency to listen to the concerns of the people it serves. It is equally important for citizens to be informed of the duties of a Sheriff's Deputy. This is why on the 1st of April at 9:30pm, the Sheriff's Department will hold a Community Forum.

Concerned or curious citizens will have the ability to ask questions, or voice their problem, to a panel of deputies including Sheriff Kylie Roberts, and event organizer Sergeant Adam Rees, as well as multiple others from a variety of sub-departments within the Sheriff's Department. A microphone will be set up, and we ask that those who wish to speak to form an orderly line behind it. This will keep the event orderly, and help those on the panel answer as many questions as possible.


Those who wish to attend are asked to park on the lot of The Welcome Pump, and walk the short distance south-east to the event's location.

In Summary:
WHO?:Members of the Sheriff's Department, and the citizens of San Andreas.
WHAT?: An open forum for questioning, and raising concerns.
WHEN?: April the 1st at 9:30PM.
WHERE?: The Community Forum building south of the Dillimore Pay And Spray.
WHY?: So citizens may be informed about the Sheriff's Department, while also having a chance to inform the department of concerns.

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