Happy 1st of April everyone! I hope you wasn’t fooled too much by your friends and family and I hope you’ve had a great day doing whatever you’ve all been doing. Now this is a real special day for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever posted an activity check for staff and it’s also the first time i've done a newspost giving you information on what’s happening, staff that is going to come and also information that all of you could use.

Firstly we’ve lost a good chunk of our staff this time round, mostly down to people having to leave for school, college or just real life catching up with them, with this it opens up more slots for me to be able to give you the players a chance of proving yourself as staff members and letting me see just really how talented you are! We’re going to be taking 19 testers on this term which should help out the team massively and we’ve also had some admin promotions and obviously new admins to come.

New with this term and check is the introduction of the tester to admin scheme. It’s a staff based scheme we use for testers who are progressing up to become admins to make sure they fit in just great when they become admins and also learn everything they do the month before the actual check. You may of noticed testers ingame on there _Test accounts and this is the reason why! New admins will be coming over the next few weeks.

Congratulations to the new spring and summer admins promotions and testers moving on into the admin team:

Level 1 -> Level 2
Or-L – Castelli – Reshay – Birdman! – Marcus. – Gus – Brady Russ

New & Returning Admins:
J4Y – AnDre – Noble – JA-Harris – NiceCookie – Goddess
[Slade – Schleich]

From this we now have the the new testers to look forward to! If you’re not on the list please do not be disheartened, you will one day get a shot if you keep at it and prove yourself towards it. I’m going to be opening up applications for new testers this month so if you’ve not had a shot before feel free to send in the application when you see them open, you have nothing to lose by sending one in and if you don’t’ send it in it might not only be you missing out, but the staff team as well! Moving on and congratulations to the new group of guys coming into the team below, you’ll receive your welcome PM and information tomorrow, cruel right?!

New Testers:
Taifun - AllisonHall - Makaveli - Snowflame - KillaD
Jarvey! - crisrko - Fibs – Mobz
Riot - Allegra – Liams
Alonzo – Ozaki

[Dusty - Temet Nosce - PrinceOfThaWest(Infamouz Berzerker) - Redman]

(list not yet final)

Remember you’ve not been forgotten, we’re just not going to be sending out the information to you until tomorrow, have a good evening and remember guys, apply if you’re not already reserved and reserved guys, don’t give up hope just yet, your name could easily be in there next time around.