Hey yall! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful season that is known as Spring. It's the time where the sun shines a little brighter, the birds chirp a little louder, the plants bloom the many different shades of colors, and the computer chairs get hammered by sweat stains. It's all very much exciting!

With Spring comes the universal Spring Cleaning, which on LS-RP could mean multiple amounts of events. This Spring Cleaning we're just going to continue our tradition for this year in revamping up most if not all the areas around LS-RP. We're taking it very serious, so you will notice a huge difference around here every month or every other month.

First thing you probably noticed this year was that our very own IG Lead, Ryoma, has been assigned Head of Properties(HoP). He will be continuing the work ethics and traditions of the former HoP, Collins; and on top of that he will be contributing fresh and new ideas for both properties and businesses on the server.

Another role assigned to another wonderful IG Lead of ours is not really as popular as the other roles but it is just as significant as the rest. The role is known as Head of Boards(HoB) and it has been assigned to our very own, Dec. Due to his work, care, and attention towards board related work, board ethics, and tickets it was an extremely easy decision to do this.

The third and final role assigned is possibly the most popular of the three and it's been the hot topic for quite some time- Head of Factions. LS-RP has grown amazingly over the years and we foresee the server growing even further as the months progress. During our growth came a huge difference for factions.

In quantity, in diversity, in general creativity. Heck we're seeing factions that we never thought were plausible being achieved. With that going down it was evident during Aline's term that HoF needed to be more than just one person heading over the entire orchestras of factions. In came the Faction Management team, an excellent step in the future of Factions.

The group has been adjusted once more to tackle current faction's and their needs, wants, issues, interests as best as we can. Thus the adjustment and the addition of three new roles to support both the HoF and the community more directly: Head of Gangs - Head Of Law - Head of Mafias - Head of Alternative.

Head of Factions (HoF) - Pitchounette
Manager of the faction-management divisions, go-to person, organizer, final-sayer in faction management decisions. Pitchounette has a massive history in management areas around LS-RP and the LSPD making her perfect for the position.
Head of Gangs (HoG) - Or-L
Self explanatory, over-seer of the gang areas of LS-RP- both official and unofficial, go-to person for gangs and the rules and terms that fall underneath the RoE for gangs. Or-L has a long history in gangs, contributing in multiple ways towards gang features, and so on and so on.
Head of Mafias (HoM) - Stewie
Self explanatory, over-seer of the mafias areas of LS-RP- both official and unofficial, go-to person for mafias and the rules and terms that fall underneath the RoE for mafias. Stewie, like the other three, has his own long history within mafias and a vast amount of knowledge of the complex systems that come with it.
Head of Alternative (HoAl) - Xtiana
This role is the newest of them all and still being fully ironed out. What you can expect here is actual attention towards racing factions, legal organizations, and the other unique and alternative factions sprouting up lately. Who else to take this role besides Xtiana- the queen of alternative with her successful brothel organization.
Head of Law (HoL) - krisk
Last but not least the HoL position, best described by krisk as, "The role itself is there to observe and administrate the legal factions of LS-RP on a management level, mainly maintaining the relationships between the various legal faction leaders and their factions face to the community." krisk has been a huge hand in the legal department for many years.

With the different set of roles we are aiming for factions to feel more at ease around here. You now know who you can go directly to if you have questions, or requests, or issues, or just about anything regarding their division. Consider them your Muse if you're into Greek mythology or if you're into politics- your local Representative.

Congratulations and good luck to all the new role-leaders, LS-RP has been placed in your hands basically; since I've known each and every person here for years now I have nothing but faith in their future performances and can't wait to see what they all have planned for the future of LS-RP.

While we're on the subject of future I'm going to also use this time to shamelessly plug in the script re-write that is still underway. The Vehicle Re-Write is going amazingly smooth and slow(yes I know) at the moment and you should expect to see in the next month or so. You can expect to see the feature documentation for it in the next few weeks.

I promise you it will be well worth the wait and I am sure follow what the community needs and wants for a new vehicle system as I go along. We're in this together and I'm going to do my best not to let any of you down on release date. To help ease the attention off of me in the meanwhile in the script department you can expect some updates from the 3rd Party Developers as well as we go on.

We have even bigger plans with this script re-write, alot you already know a huge amount you have no idea about. This summer will be EXTRA hot for LS-RP and that's all I will say on the matter regarding that. Luckily over the last few months we've had inquiries from a few members in giving a hand in the scripting department.

So I'd also like to use this time to introduce two new 3rd Party Developers to the team.
TomsonTom - Mmartin

So once again CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for stepping up to help out in creating a difference for LS-RP and it's future. Can't wait to see what you all have planned for us all.