Good evening LS:RP players,

First and foremost, I'd like to formally introduce myself to the general public of LS:RP as Smithy/Michael Mayfield, and I'm fortunate enough to be announced the new Mayor of Los Santos. With the results ending in 203 - 198 in favor of Michael, unfortunately Justin was defeated and Michael was announced Mayor.

Well, that's the brief introduction out the way, now I'd like to let everyone know of the changes that have already happened in the Los Santos Government, as a kind of snippet as to what we have done so far and a hint at what changes are to come in the future. Allegra is and will stay as a State Official and manage the elections with the assistance she may ask for, and she will continue to do an outstanding job for LS:RP.

So far, the new Gov. consists of:
-Michael Mayfield (Smithy)
-Eleonora Tjader (Anguish)
-Casey Clarke (Jenny) (Director of Public Defense)
-Oliver Andrews (SpecialOps) (Director of Licensing)

What we've tried to do is provide some new jobs for people in the Government, as well as tighten up the current system to make it easier for anyone to join, not having to go through the routes of being in an election and campaign. So far we've re-introduced the Licensing Department with thanks to Collins for entrusting us again with the responsibilities, and anyone is able to apply for this great position.

The Public Defense is the role that meets both Assistant Public Defender and Public Defender together, that again is slightly improved and revamped with the current Los Santos Government. This all coincides with the new Los Santos Government Recruitment forum, which will again allow players a quicker route to join! More information here!

As a final note, I'd like to say that these changes are directed to be kept for a long period of time to make the LSGOV positions more stable and easy. We feel that the changes every 3 months are necessary for some positions (Mayor, Deputy, etc), however a stable set of Directors would be key for keeping the Gov. an outstanding one. We hope these changes are, in your eyes, great too!

Many thanks,
On behalf of the Los Santos Government.