New Sheriff of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department
Written by Aubrey Salem and Aria Roberts
Edited by Lucas Wright

Sheriff Lenny Wilde

Release 160

June 16th: In a Department-wide memo on May 21st, Sheriff Kylie Roberts announced that she would be stepping down from her position as Sheriff. Due to important personal circumstances, she decided that the duties and responsibilities required in her position were too much to handle at this time.

Mrs Roberts has stepped down from her position as Sheriff to the rank of Assistant Sheriff, a position which still sees her as a member of the department's Executive Staff. The celebration of her time as Sheriff was held last Wednesday where a selected number of deputies gave speeches and thanked her for her many years of leadership.

Assuming her place as head of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department is Sheriff Lenny Wilde, who has been promoted from the rank of Assistant Sheriff. The official hand-over took place on Friday 14th June. A motorcade of department vehicles embarked from the Headquarters in Dillimore to the town of Bayside in the northern region of the state. The ceremony began with speeches from selected employees in the Command Staff of the department, where comments were made about Mr Wilde being the perfect candidate for the position and how, in his time as an employee of the department, he has shown exemplary leadership skills. Lenny Wilde then proceeded to take the oath with the administration of Judge Justin Reed and officially became the Sheriff of the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department.

Once the ceremony had concluded, the motorcade proceeded from Bayside to the club in Las Venturas where a party to celebrate this promotion took place.

While this has been in many ways a farewell to Kylie Roberts, it should not be treated as such. It is a celebration of what one can do given the right tools. It is a celebration of what can be accomplished with teamwork. In regards to this, another member of the department's Executive Staff had this to say:

"I, among with the other department's employees feel thankful to her. From the other side, [Kylie Roberts'] achievements aided the department to uphold utter professionalism whilst encountering with other colleagues from other agencies, citizens but criminals as well. I would also like to congratulate Lenny Wilde and wish best of luck, to him but also to the department in general for our future achievements both within the department but to the public as well, to maintain the peace, enforce the law and ensure that the civilians around us are safe."

- Assistant Sheriff Richard Cobra

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