Happy 2nd July everyone! We’re now going fully into the summer months (or fall for everyone else) and with that we hit the busiest times on the server. A lot of you will have noticed that recently on a daily basis we’re reaching maximum numbers each evening and it’s truly amazing to see, or not when you’re waiting to join! Roleplay opportunities are stronger by the day and with more people playing that means we have more and more roleplay opening up each and every day for everyone to enjoy. We’re also reaching high numbers of newer players joining the community which equally means, the community is continuing to get stronger and stronger by the day thanks to everyone who plays here.

This term a lot of staff members have been lost, through either leaving or being removed which has opened up a lot of slots for the lead admin team to make available to everyone who has applied to become a tester before. We always love having new people joining our team from all over the world because it expands our knowledge and brings a lot of diversity into the team. We’ve had twenty five slots become free this term which is an all-time high, meaning more than usual have a chance to make it.

We constantly try to make sure we have enough resources available for players so that if ever they need assistance, someone is going to be there. With us losing so many people this term it means we’ve seen some problems with us making sure we give you top notch service, something of which I can only apologise for unreservedly. We’re committed to making your game play here as good as possible and with that we’ve made more places available and also made sure we try not to have an issue again.

With that let’s say hello to our new summer and fall admins and testers joining us this

New & Returning Admins:
Thuggy – Mizzie – Essence – Paddy – Lucas
[Adio – Onedrop – JJT - Nathan – Fontaine - Xhiroz – Popoy09 – KillianNI]

With us having so many slots open now we reviewed everyone and taking into account the returning staff members we’ve taken on as many staff members as required. A small amount of slots for tester have been kept free and we will add a very small number to the below list within a week from today so if your name isn’t on the list don’t get too disheartened. If you’re not on the list then please do not give up, everyone will eventually have a chance of growing here on LS-RP it’s just a matter of waiting till the exact moment in which it will be right for you, we’re continually taking on more and more people within a fast paced period.

New Testers:

Bugs - fergie - DaMaZ - RadioKilla - Reggie
Dzekezas - 'Chete - Semper - Jonesy
Sapo - ShotInTheDark -PlayboyD
Sneaker - Cornett
[mistique - Tank! - jeff - TYLAR5 - este - hoovie – rockshock - Liams - Kavinsky - Shammy]

(List is not final)

For those of you unaware tester applications are now open! The people in the above list will have their welcome PM sent to them with information later on today so be sure to look out for that! Please also remember to those already reserved, you will have a chance one day, you just need to wait on the perfect moment for you.