27th July 2013, 17:00 hours((Ingame Time))
Written by Lieutenant Samuel Underwood

    MONDAY, JULY 15th, 2013 ― This year the Los Santos Police Department will be hosting a career fair at the Los Santos Airport for the residents of the city to have an oppurtunity to talk to and watch demonstrations from officers. The career day will see citizens interacting with officers from all departments, from traffic division, Special Weapons and Tactics, The Office of Criminal Intelligence(Which is where our Detectives are assigned), The Air Support Division and the Tactical Air unit and others. The police department boasts many other divisions so it is well worth asking officers about their other assignments.

    Civilians will be able to drive into the airport through the main airfield gate and will be directed towards an assigned parking area. From there all will be allowed to walk around the airfield, browsing the various displays and career stands.

    The map, found 'here, provides a general floorplan for the career fair.

    Use the key below to find out what number means what:
    1. The entrance

    2. Visitor parking

    3. The Traffic Division area,

    4. This will be a general Question and answer area with members of public relations or a High Command member.

    5. Refreshments/Catering Van

    6. The Special Weapons and Tactics team will be set up here.

    7. This is the OCI area, where detectives will be stationed

    8. The Air Support Division will be based here.

    The Police Department looks forward to seeing many of you on saturday.

This Public Press Release was brought to you by the Publications Team of the Public Relations Division, operating under the Office of
the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department. All content in this Public Press Release has been signed and approved by
the Chief of Police prior to publication. Any comments of a positive or negative nature can be forwarded to the Officer-in-Charge of
Publications Samuel Underwood
, or alternatively, the Chief of Police, Michael Houston, himself, who will take feedback appreciatively.

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