Happy October 2nd! With the summer months now over we are quickly approaching and get into the fall season and with that comes Halloween and Christmas. This summer around the server you may of noticed a shortage of staff and during the most busiest periods and for this I must say sorry. Over the past few months the staff team has lost a lot of members and with that no one has been replaced meaning other staff have needed to pick up on the workload that the server have, meaning it makes it a lot harder. Luckily this term we’ve got a high intake of new people joining us so we will be able to make sure that we work stronger together and the community is back to what it once was with the staff team.

In other news I’d like to announce that from this term I’m going to be stepping down as the Head of Staff. Due to real life situations beyond my control taking more of my time recently I feel it’d be best for not only myself but for the community if I focused myself in other fields and allow someone else to work with the staff team and mould it into something it can and should be. Reports on admins can still be directed at me because I’ll be able to forward them still. I’m going to be working more ingame and basically plan on being around everywhere for anyone who may have issues or need help. The Head of Staff will be announced in due course via a news post so keep your eyes peeled! For now the lead admin team will be running the Staff Team, together. Any issue can be forwarded to any of us lead admins who will be happy to help you.

I want to dedicate this part personally to a great friend of mine who has believed in me from the moment we started properly talking and who has actually kept me on the straight and narrow through my time here on the server. I honestly wouldn't be a lead admin or the head of staff if it wasn't for him believing in me and actually spending time showing me what was right, what was wrong and what actually it is to be a staff member and friend to the server. He’s been with me since I joined staff and he gave me the strength and courage to find out so much about myself and also to just be me. That guy is Damian, he’s a great guy and he deserves so much more credit than he already gets. I respect and love him in so many ways (bromance) and I hope we stay friends no matter what.

We are going to be having a big change with the staff team this term and that is because we will be welcoming two new lead admins into the Lead Admin team. Congratulations Pitchounette and Dec (Dec_Watson) on your promotion and I can truly say this is something deserved by both. Pitchounette has been someone who has continued to strive day in, day out around the server and with her work in Factions she’s truly transformed so much for a better gameplay and faction wise around the server. Dec has dedicated a lot of his time to the forums and the rules mainly, working on making them simpler for a better game plan whilst making sure that we keep up with everything that the server needs. Congratulations again the both of you.

With that lets now say hello and congratulations to our new fall and spring admins and testers joining us this term along with promotions:

Level 1 -> Level 2
Essence – Mizzie – Lucas - OneDrop - Adio - Xhiroz

Level 2 -> Level 3
Goddess - Fontaine - Alor

Level 4 -> Lead Admin
Pitchounette - Dec

New & Returning Admins:
Rees – Shammy – Kavinsky – Young – Salem – Este – Jeff – Marshall. -
[Jennifer – Brady_Russ – Thuggy – Broski – JayJay – Vercetti]

With us recently having a new tester recruitment drive we was met with over 200 applications with was truly amazing, to see so many people wanting and wishing to make it into the staff team was great. Most applications have now been reviewed but we do still have a few to go over so keep yourself tuned with your PM inbox. If you do not receive a PM then unfortunately it means you’ve not been successful this time around, reasons for this could be anything from a recently gained admin record or on-going problems with staff. Use the time from now till the next tester drive to fix those problems or work on sorting them in a way you feel would work. Never give up on your dreams because one day they will come true, it may take weeks, months or years even but by never giving up you’re already on the road to winning.

New Testers:

CobraR – Everett – Irving – Coleworld – Mikhail – Biggsy
Grrrl – Vitta – Audi - !Locita! – Kate_Green
Fred_Morrello – Gods&Monsters – Glen_Wright – Victor_Petrela
Mario. – fishscale - queen
Talarum – Unoriginal Gangster – pointless
[International - KEG – Jas0n - Jakey]

(List is not final)

Congratulations to the guys above and look out for a PM in your inbox later today with more information on what to do next! With this I’d like to say thank you to the server for those who have supported and helped me whilst I was head of staff and thank you for staying strong through any issue that has actually happened. I’ve had a blast running the staff team and I’m going to stay around to help out whoever takes over next, for now have a great Halloween and Christmas!