Anastasia Vishnevska
November 2nd, 2013.

A murky day reigned over Los Santos this morning, the cast of bullet-shells tainted the side-walk in an early-morning feud. Idlewood, a home to many crimes has never seen such a culture shock as the one it received this morning. Expanding as far to East Los Santos, the murders in which took place Police say, are all tied to an ever-growing criminal organization which is now, brought to it's knees.

Speculation by Police have linked all of the men involved to a hierarchy filled with the most dominant criminal masterminds in Idlewood, said to have been at the helm of all drug trafficking in all of Los Santos. Dating back to an early 2010, there have been multiple traces of an organization growing out of specific regions of Idlewood; specifically the projects known as Crystal Gardens. Which adopted the name Brystal Gardens from residents. I had the chance to hit the scene live, and speak with one of Idlewood's own residents, Elijah Wickerson.

I spoke with Elijah about the community and if he feels a change would come from the slaying's, Elijah seemed to have no have any faith in the community, saying:

"Uhh, the community?! All these kids out hea' selling crack on the corner ain't gonna have no mo'! Community?! If there was community, nobody would've died out hea'!"

I went on to ask Elijah if he saw the community progressing from the killings in any sense, ultimately removing drugs from their history and starting on a new leaf, as a cleaner community.

"Drug-free?! Oh hell no! No, no, no! I need my shit! It don't matter none anyways, it'll never be drug free! Too much money to make in it."

Elijah seemed reluctant to continue the interview after here, pondering as if I was in the Los Santos Police Department, he agreed to answer one more question for a price, interesting enough he asked for a pair of socks from the mall, I got them for him, gave them to him and asked him one last question. I asked Elijah if he had the chance to stop crime out here, how would he do it? Seemingly not understanding what I was asking, Elijah replied:

"If-.. If I was given the chance to stop crime out here? Oh, no, no, no! I don't want to be no police officer out hea', cops get killed out hea'!"

Elijah declined further questioning and disappeared into the abyss of Idlewood. Crime in Idlewood will always be an issue due to the poverty-rate which is spread among it. But can the community learn from this and grow as a whole? How will the new community change? Or will anything change at all? Idlewood, which is now stagnant in growth, may offer to many criminal opportunities to ever be regarded as a safe place to live.

(( For those interested in what this article's mainly relate too, you may check here: - This is an in-character take on the description of The Wilcox Organization. ))