LS:RP is turning and growing at every hour of every day, where do you keep up? Right here. Here at LS:RP we've had a very hardworking staff diving into the realms of creativity and intuition to bring you, the player, never before seen features and awe-inspiring mechanics.

A dish best served fast, I've caught up with DamianC, the master-mind behind our brand new vehicle system! Mmartin, the conductor of our ever so innovative phone-system. And TomsonTom, the handsome guy who has one purpose, to keep the image of the team relatively good looking; but also the creativity to bring you a brand new re-vamp on the trucking job!

I caught up with DamianC through the vines of IRC, immediately approaching him with questions about his vehicle system, Damian had this to say about his motive behind re-making the system:

"There's multiple reasons behind the vehicle re-write. It all stemmed from the many instances in-game where many players, staff members and even I found ourselves confused of how to operate the many features on LS-RP. We had talked about it for a while but I knew action was going to be needed to fully get it going, and that was to finally re-write the script. Yes, the entire script. Aiming for it to be more fluent and understandable for all players old and new. Vehicles being one of the biggest features we have here at LS:RP, our main motive is a more user friendly script inside and out, vehicles just happened to be first."

With that answer I had to keep digging, he told me vehicles were first. I felt obliged to ask him what was next on his agenda to re-write.

"We have plenty of features here I am going to love digging my hands into, I'll keep you on your toes and tell you that I've got my eyes set on the faction system, properties, and businesses. So definitely one of those three."

I scrambled for my next question, thinking of the potential in all of the three features he listed to be re-done, I struggled to stay on topic, my next question flaring out I asked Damian what leading-principal he had while making the re-write.

"User friendliness definitely, I made sure to keep that in mind the entire time. I want players to be able to hop on to the server and with a simple few seconds of reading, they would know how to buy, sell, upgrade and so on without being lost in the slightest. Leaving more room for them invest all that thinking power into their role-play."

After hearing all of what he had to say, the last thing I wanted to do was hold Damian up and let him get back to his work, I left the last question for shout-outs and any other comments he had before I let him go.

"A shout-out to the staff of LS:RP for their general feedback, work and supportive efforts over this past year in working on this system. And a bigger thanks to the community for staying patient throughout this update. I promise you all I will not be heading into such huge revisions like this ever again without plenty of backup plans. Rest assured the time we have spent on this update will be well worth it."

And with that I let Damian flock back to his team of scripters, listening to him shout back to me as if he was actually running away that we'll be seeing the update within the week to come, or the next. So there you have it guys, get ready for this vehicle system, you've got two weeks maximum to prepare!

TomsonTom allowed us sneak-peak access into his private after-party, recently celebrating his big come-up on the trucker re-vamp, we caught him in the back of the studio locked in the bathroom. In the midst of a bad hair day, we at the LS:RP news team did what we could to finagle questions out of the distraught third-party developer. My words slipped under the door of the bathroom, questioning TomsonTom about his motivation to work on the change.

"I was talking to Damian about the train system we have in LS-RP and we were discussing what could be done to improve them. We came up with something like transporting cargo in the trains, however we realized that there are many things to improve in the current cargo transportation system in LS-RP as a whole. Therefore I decided to start revamping the trucking script (instead of changing the train-system we currently have). I knew that there were a lot of suggestions regarding trucking, such as the ability to hold crates in hands, rob truckers, ability to decide what kind of cargo to transport, etc. One I caught wind that Damian is revamping the vehicle script, I decided to start working on trucks."

As TomsonTom calmed down, I pushed for more answers, questioning his goals behind working on the system.

"My main goal was to change how the LS-RP economy works, that means connecting the player owned businesses to the trucking job. This way people would actually need truckers to be able to go to the restaurant, play poker in a casino and buy a phone in a 24/7. Just like in real life. The idealism behind it is that truckers are going to be essential to stocking a store with goods for a consumer (the player) to purchase. I believe with the heavy trucking-force we have today, something like this can work very well and have an impact on businesses."

The door creaked open after a small period of silence following his answer. TomsonTom was doing his best to escape our questions and head back to his party, answering the array of questions in one summation.

"I cannot tell you what we are planning to do, but I'd love to improve the trains so they get used a bit more then they are these days! I want to give a personal thank you to the LS:RP players and staff alike for being encouraging with the update, and Damian for allowing me to work alongside him and the third-party staff to bring you, the players, an amazing expirence!"

And that was it, TomsonTom left and we went out on the hunt, swaying through mappers and admins to find the last of the trio, Mmartin. Bursting with energy, life and emotion we caught up with Mmartin who clutched a red party-cup in his right hand, smacking him with questions such as his main drive behind giving us a new phone system.

"The phone system is one of the main features that are used on LS:RP. That was my motivation, the re-vamp has a very large impact towards the large spectrum of players and their daily ventures in-game. Also, it was my first large project for LS:RP, I wanted to show the community what I could offer them as a developer with a project of such a large scale."

We wanted to get more information out of Mmartin, his sociable personality made me ponder if he used the players' suggestions which were forwarded from the forums, his response quick and confident:

"I had the idea to take it to GUI (which was inspired through many next-generation games that had came out) then I browsed the suggestion board. I tried to get as many ideas into the script that I could and I have say that around 90% of forwarded phone suggestions made it there, which makes me satisfied. The players voice does indeed have an impact on our work as developers and we love listening to your guys' idealism."

Mmartin, who had caught eye of the new set of stiletto's who walked into the party began to draw away from me as I etched one last answer out of him, the topic being what he would make for me if I forced him to make something, his response kindled with a laugh:

"Some cool typewriter feature so you can print those massive books you have on the forums in-game!"

And with that, they were gone. Not a developer in sight. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the proficient staff is constantly working and moving to bring you the newest features and suggestions to life. Plan to be smacked with revisions before the year 2014 and anticipate for things to keep moving and growing as you, the player, learns and grows. Thank you for all the staff members who endured heckling while I tried to strangle information out of them, if you'd like to personally thank them for their hard work you can do so here:


From the tester team at LS:RP, have a great day and a better night of role-play.