Anastasia Vishnevska
November 25th, 2013.

Hello my morning dwellers of Los Santos! I'm coming at you hot and fast today with a new movie which was bound for success since it's trailer launched!

"Certified Gangster" a movie to have been speculated to sweep crowds off their feet has done nothing but that since it's recent debut in early September. Grossing a rough seventy-million in box-office, Certified Gangster has clearly shown it's a top contender to all other productions around Los Santos.

Orlando Hampton, the CEO of Trapaholic Entertainment was quoted to be "very pleased" with the popularity of the release. A happy and confident Mr. Hampton has also reported to have been boasting about the success at a recent premiere party.

If you're into the gritty, hard-knock life of Los Santos' slums, this is the portrayal you've been waiting for!