I'm sure the main thing you are obviously going to notice is the new player count. No insult towards the vehicle revision, but the player count will most likely be the topic of the week rather than the latest updates to the server. It's perfectly fine by me because this new player count, these new revisions, all of it are all basically stepping stones towards the development's main goal- a more enjoyable gameplay.

Optimization and user-friendliness have gotten us to the point of 750 and yes we still have some feats to tackle in order to get you all comfortable. "What about the lag?" I'm no networking major so I'm not going to pretend to be anything smarter than I am so I'm going to level with you on this matter and keep this part as simple and as informative as possible.

When Kye raised the player limit to 100 from the average 32, it was eye poppingly amazing. When it jumped to 200, there came the doubts rushing in from all over. Over time with proper optimization and a good server you began to see that 200 wasn't all that different from 100. Then came 500. Oh the doubts turned into a gigantic waterfall of NOPE NOPE NOPE not possible.

And here we are today, minus the DDoS attacks recently, we have been playing at a stabilized playing field. So when Kye raised the player count to 1,000 I had no reason to turn away now and just become another denier. I'm staying true to the that new player limit, and will stay heavy on scrpt optimization to better represent this server towards LS-RP as a whole and more importantly add on to the never ending excitement of playing here.

You have no reason to doubt SA-MP development or the rest of the developers here. On top of our actions through your amazing amounts of donations we've been able to better step up our game in ensuring the promise that LS-RP will be fine! We're all in this together and we've got this far. There's no turning back on this train.

Will 250 new players fall from the sky? Of course not, I don't expect no more than 550 players for the rest of the year. 750 is our goal player count. That's where we want our average amount of players to be one day. And you know what? We're going to accomplish it to. By stepping up our game in development, staff, tending towards the community needs and wants, and so on and so on.

LS-RP started off as an average player base of around 100 or so and look at us now. Anything is possible, and we got some heavy dreamers in the cockpit taking us all to Cloud 9 right now.

Now on to the revision that was supposed to be released 4 months ago, yes yes I know. It's in now! It's been tested thoroughly for all major bugs and user-friendliness faults, and it is still being actively worked on by me at this very moment. Will there still be issues ingame? Hell yes. Please report every issue or question you have in the Bug Reports forum!

Beyond that, I will be clearing out the bug reports forum and organizing and crunching down the mass amount of suggestions you have piled up all so neatly for us developers. Your insight on the future of LS-RP is always appreciated.