Anastasia Vishnevska
December 1st, 2013.

Imperial Records, which released a teaser for their new music video titled "Fuck A Scrap" featured an up and coming artist named Mylo. The video was expected to go viral as of winter 2013 and fell nothing short of expectations.

Upon being released today, we had the chance to get an exclusive phone conversation with Mr. Hampton of Trapaholic Records, having this to say about Imperial Records' newest release:

"I honestly think we're a different type of label, so I'd say I don't really see them as a competition to Trapaholic Records. I did see their new video, but it seems like a more of an underground label to me."

The video seemed to have hit big on social media platforms, YouTube and Tracebook beaming with the artists' newest release. What's next for Imperial Records is what I personally am looking ahead for, are they what Mr. Hampton makes them out to be? An underground label? Or are they going to come forward and put Mr. Hampton's claim to dust?

I stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to Mylo from Belden Heights, asking him a few questions in person before he had to depart.

"Mylo, how was working with Imperial Records?"
"It's all good, you know we out here stackin' this paper, getting this money."

Curious about Mylo's grind for money, I continued to pester him about what's next for himself and Imperial Records. Trying to see if I can give you, the people, more information and expectations about future releases.

"We got this mixtape droppin' soon next year, be on the look out for TY Productions, we hittin' the streets hard wit' this real shit."

And last but not least, after getting Mr. Hampton's opinion on the up and coming label, I wanted to ask him, an artist on the rise out of Belden Heights, what he thought of Trapaholic Records, and if he saw Imperial as competition to the label.

"Man we on that real 2014 shit, them Trapaholic niggas stuck in 1993, that ain't no competition."

A bold statement from a new artist may be the light the flame to a future competition! Mylo assured me that the video he released was in no way shape or form intended to be a big release, but more of a diss record which went across the train tracks to El Corona. If you're interested in hearing the release of the full song? You can do so here.