Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you wonderful boys and girls! First and foremost I got to apologize for the lack of Halloween events this year. With the new revision and the maintenance towards it the event was pushed back so much it was just not possible for it to happen. Maybe we'll hold a Valentine's carnival instead, who knows, we'll see!

For now, it's December, home of the winter holidays and the new years resolution planning. And with us already missing one event and approaching Christmas we just had to do something that will make up for the lack of a Halloween event and to cap this year off altogether. You all have done a lot for this server and we thank you for your constant dedication in seeing us grow.

This month we will have a list of events for the week. Throughout these events we will be giving out games! We have gathered over 100+ games to give out so we're going to try and plan as many exciting event outlets as possible to get these out to you all!

Keep your eyes on this page for more information and be sure to head ingame for your many chances to be a lucky winner of one of these games!

-Can only win one gift!
-Must actually be a player of LS-RP.
-Staff can participate in winning a game.
-Person must not be banned nor have a horrible admin record on any of their accounts IRC & Forums included.
-Steam and or Origin account will be required for the video games.

Thanks To:
nitraM, Pitchounette, Aero, Jakey, Ryoma, Young, Cornett, CobraR, and Marshall for their contributions!