Santa's sleigh is split in two, and his 20 reindeer have run amuck around Los Santos. Santa doesn't have much time left and he needs those reindeer delivered back ASAP! So if you see one of those pesky reindeer around Los Santos just run up to one and type /claim. Santa will kindly reward you with a game from his Steam/Origin.

They are all in Los Santos and surrounding counties!

Games up for grabs:
[STEAM]Serious Sam 3
[STEAM]Counter Strike Global Offensive
[STEAM]Dead Space
[STEAM]Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
[ORIGIN]Medal of Honor
[STEAM]Orcs Must Die 2: Complete
[ORIGIN]Dead Space 3
[ORIGIN]Battlefield 3
[ORIGIN]C&C Red Alert 3 - Uprising
[ORIGIN]Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
[STEAM]Portal 2
[STEAM]Mortal Kombat Kollection
[ORIGIN]Medal Of Honor
[STEAM]Batman : Arkham City GOTY
[ORIGIN]Dead Space 3
[STEAM]Gary's Mod

The ascavenger hunt will be activated randomly later on today. So just keep your eyes pealed ingame today and Merry Christmas. PS- We have way more games to give out the rest of this month so don't feel too bad if you miss out!