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Jim Weinerberg | Allison Hall | Bill Bloomberg | Jonathan Schrader

With a record breaking amount of votes, Allison Hall! Congratulations Los Santos, you've really shown up and shown out this time around. We clocked over 657 votes this time around! Not just that; we had 4 brilliant candidates run for office as well! This has been by far the most exciting election ever witnessed on the server. Thanks to all who made it possible!

I'm sure there are still a lot hurt feelings out there, a lot of people really invested a lot of themselves into this election and it sucks. It really does suck to not win something when you really want it so. But that's life, and the next mayor candidacy is right around the corner. So keep your heads held high and maybe we'll see some of the fan favorite candidates possibly some surprise members run for office next time around.

For now, congratulations Allison Hall! Good job and good luck!